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Poppy's Suitcase

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Poppy’s Suitcase is the pet-project side-band power-trio (PPSBPT) of brothers Johnny and Rob Marnell, and their Chilean hermano of another madre, Carlos Iniguez. They melt faces with your fave top-40 and oldies covers as well as their own originals. Remember that quintessential 90’s jam you played on repeat in your sister’s Jeep Cherokee? Yea, we play that. Brittany’s post come-back tour come-back single? It’s our encore. That Fleetwood Mac anthem your dad tried to get you to like, which you did, but you wouldn’t admit it out of teen angst infused spite?  We’ll learn it.

Guitarist Johnny Marnell lives in New York City, and can frequently be seen singing and songwritering at local haunts like Rockwood Music Hall, and sometimes on reality TV music competition shows like Bravo’s Platinum Hit. He’s been lucky enough to collaborate and tour the U.S. with artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Lana Del Rey.

Drummer Rob Marnell plays a singer songwriter both onstage and off, starring as Bob Gaudio of Las Vegas’ Jersey Boys and is about to wrap his forthcoming EP this spring.

Bassist Carlos Iniguez is a newly transported New Yorker and veteran of the Greensboro/Raleigh/Chapel Hill music scene’s staple gloriousness The Get Down Sequence.

Why our name? Once upon a time, brother Johnny was piecemeal transporting an entire drumset to brother Rob in Vegas, distributing it among poor, unsuspecting relatives also in transit. We should be sponsored by Southwest for all the free bags we checked. One of Poppy’s suitcases had to be borrowed to fit the drums’ entirety. We asked Nanny if we could, because she’s usually more lenient about such things. We knew we had to be careful with it, and, of course, it was immediately lost once we got back. If you, or anyone you know, has seen Poppy’s Suitcase or has information regarding its whereabouts, please comment below. (Update: it was discovered that Aunt Beany had subsequently borrowed it, and Nanny reports it’s upstairs in the attic).

Poppy, this gig, and the next, is for you. And your suitcase. Which we lost.

The Get Down Sequence

Guitar, Vocals, Drums

Once upon a time…